The Hope Collective

If you are new to She Has Hope, please first read about our four-prong holistic approach to addressing the human trafficking crisis.

Join the Hope Collective as we seek to grow and improve our work in the final step of our "Restoration" programs to ensure that survivors are better supported after graduating from our homes and trade schools.

Funds generated by the Hope Collective will help us launch small tailoring businesses that will offer our survivor graduates a safe employment opportunity if they are not yet ready to launch their own businesses.

They will receive training in entrepreneurial skills as they get to see first hand how a small business is run, while also gaining a fair wage for their work at the business.

The collective will also allow us to offer grant awards to graduates who are in fact ready to start their own small businesses.

The Missing Piece? You.

We seek your support in joining the Hope Collective to help these important efforts take root.

The Hope Collective is a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about seeing trafficking survivors fully restored and empowered for their highest potential.