The Hope Collective

image of a girl in the program smiling, sitting at a sewing machine

If you are new to She Has Hope, please first read about our five-prong holistic approach to addressing the human trafficking crisis.

Join the Hope Collective as we seek to broaden our monthly consistent support of the survivors and other at-risk girls in our programs.

You can be a significant part of their journey to restoration and hope by sponsoring their needs fully, or in part, each month.

When you join our Hope Collective your donation helps to provide the girls in our programs with the following essential needs year-round:
  • Complete residential care and all it entails such as daily nutritious meals, secure and clean shelter, counseling, medical care, clean water, and clothing.
  • All that her education coursework requires such as supplies, textbooks, and all applicable fees.
We offer the following membership levels depending on the degree of involvement you seek:
  • Bronze: $15/mo = 5 days of care for one girl every month
  • Silver: $30/mo = 10 days of care for one girl every month
  • Gold: $60/mo = 20 days of care for one girl every month
  • Platinum: $90/mo = Full support for one girl year-round
Our goal is to seek support for every girl in our programs so that together, we can stand ready to ensure that every girl who needs our help gets it in a consistent and reliable fashion.

Membership Benefits

First and foremost, we feel the biggest benefit for you is the satisfaction in knowing you're making a life-changing difference for one girl in our programs.

The membership also provides you with access to our newsletters, giving you at least once-monthly updates on achievements across all of our programs, local volunteer opportunities, and early-bird pricing to all of our annual events such as the Taste of Hope Gala in Houston and other similar events.