2022 year-end goals to help fulfill long-awaited needs in Uganda program, restore emergency fund to respond to urgent program needs

December 07, 2022

2022 year-end goals to help fulfill long-awaited needs in Uganda program, restore emergency fund to respond to urgent program needs

We are very happy to announce our year-end goal which will help us fulfill many long-awaited needs in our Uganda program as well as replenish our emergency fund after a challenging year.

The first part of our goal takes us to rural Uganda, where we have been working with our local team for 13 years.

Due to the post-pandemic economic crisis Uganda is facing, the enrollment at our primary school in the village of Mairinya has doubled as families seek help in feeding their children.

However, our facilities have not been able to keep up. Our team is doing their best to provide education, clean water, and two nutritious meals each school day for almost 600 at-risk students.

As you can see from these photos, we really need to give them our support.

The lead photo shows an artist's visualization of the new school building our Uganda Director is proposing.

The plan will solve our expanding classroom needs while also providing some room for growth.

All told, we are seeking $80,000 for this project which will also include repairs and renovations to the existing school building.

You might recall our "Child of the Year" story from last month when we introduced you to Jennifer, a girl we chose to represent all of the children you help us support.

Jennifer herself is served by the Mairinya primary school.

When asked what she likes most about her school, she replied, "I like that my teacher loves me so much."

She also told us that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Her dream is within reach thanks to your generosity which makes the school possible. But right now, her school needs our help.

We began the program in 2011 when we learned that Mairinya had no nearby government school and many children were engaged in child labor instead of attending school.

Here's a map to help you see where Jennifer's school is located:

The other benefit our year-end campaign provides is an emergency fund which is used throughout the year to help us respond to natural disasters, famine relief needs, and perhaps most importantly: being able to take in rescues in their moment of need vs. waiting for a sponsor.

Thanks to the success of last year's campaign, our emergency fund enabled us to respond to Super Typhoon Odette, the second costliest typhoon in Philippine history, by equipping our team with a generator and providing over two tons of food plus safe water to storm survivors in our community.

It also allowed us to build out and furnish our newest girls home in Uganda in response to an urgent need to care for eight malnourished orphan girls in the Mairinya community.

We are able to mobilize quickly in times of urgent needs such as these, thanks to the emergency fund.

Thanks to your generosity, the emergency fund empowers us to immediately respond to several medical emergencies that are virtually inevitable when caring for over 1,000 children.

We are seeking $150,000 to replenish the emergency fund. This will be essential in keeping us equipped to respond to emergencies as soon as they arise in 2023.

Additionally, with Christmas just around the corner, we are hoping to rush funds to our six program headquarters for Christmas gifts and parties for the 1,000+ children supported in our programs.

Girls at our Nepal children's home were blessed with these Christmas gifts last year thanks to the 2021 year-end campaign:

Lastly, the emergency fund provides us the ability to respond to unprojected expenses in our programs throughout the year. This allows us to sustain life-saving programs that serve over 1,000 children and trafficking survivors in need year-round.

So it's thanks to your generosity at this time of year that we are able to maintain our care for orphans, child labor victims, and young trafficking survivors through 9 resident-care homes and 12 education centers when unexpected needs arise for their programs.

Our farmlands and small businesses help us multiply your funds in the field, but farmlands alone are not enough to keep all of this going. That's where you come in, to help us continue this multiplication of generosity.

Our 'She Has Hope' rehabilitation homes and trade schools like the one seen below in Nepal provide rehabilitation and skill training for trafficking survivors thanks to your support.

Please consider contributing what you can. If we all work together, we're confident that the funds raised will make a life-altering impact among these vulnerable we serve!

Simply click here to help support our goal today.

AMAZING NEWS: 100% of our board, along with other donors, have pooled their support to create a matching challenge of $115,000 for our year-end campaign!

This means that every dollar you donate to our year-end fund will be doubled, up to $115,000, and thus if the match is completely utilized we will meet our goal of $230,000!

Thank you for your generosity and consideration of our goals at year-end. We appreciate you!

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