July "Doses of Hope": our Myanmar rice farm shows your support in action by providing over 720,000 servings of rice for our orphans and staff

July 31, 2023


Back in 2010, we took a bold step and acquired a 12-acre rice farm, and its impact has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Over the last 13 years, this fertile land has yielded over 104 tons of rice!! With nearly 7,000 servings per ton, if you're following the math that means we’ve been able to dish out over 720,000 servings of rice for our orphans and staff in our four orphan homes there!!

We are forever grateful for this bountiful harvest, as it has been a key staple in their diets, blessing their health and their well-being. 

The significance of our rice farm cannot be understated. It has allowed us to multiply the value of your generous donations.

By producing our own food, we have minimized our expenses and redirected the funds to other crucial areas of our programs. This means that every dollar you donate has a multiplier effect, creating a ripple of savings that are then redistributed throughout the programs.

farmers planting new rice crop

In fact, just last week our team was planting for the new crop— here are some of our farmers enjoying their work!

As if that's not great news by itself— the benefits of our rice farm have gone far beyond feeding our children and staff. We have been able to sell the husks from the rice to farmers for their animal feed.

So we are not only feeding our children, but we are also generating profits that are invested back into the programs, while also providing jobs at our farmland. It's a win-win-win!

It is truly remarkable how a simple plot of land we purchased 13 years ago has become a catalyst for self-sufficiency and sustainability. Your donations have played an important role in our rice farm, ensuring its continued success.

By investing in Peace Gospel, you have not only provided nourishing meals for our children and staff, but have also empowered us to create a positive cycle of growth allowing us to improve the quality of education and provide a safe and nurturing environment for our orphans.

orphan children eating

As we celebrate the success of our rice farm and the impact it has had on our programs, we want to thank you for your faith and support. Your belief in our mission has pushed us forward and allowed us to achieve milestones we hadn’t dreamed of.

We invite you to visit our website or reach out to us any time you have questions or simply want to learn more about our programs.

Together, we are making a lasting difference, one harvest at a time.

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