June "Doses of Hope" highlights results of our scholarship campaign breaking the cycle of poverty one student at a time

June 30, 2023


Doses of Hope is our recurring month-end report intended to bring you just that, small but powerful doses of hope-filled stories and updates.

We have several big doses of hope for you from this month, including a special update on a very important goal that was met!

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to your generosity and support we not only met— but exceeded— our back-to-school scholarship goal to help 291 orphans and other at-risk children return to school and college in India, Myanmar, and the Philippines!

Meeting this goal means you are giving these children the opportunity to break the cycle of trafficking and poverty, keeping their futures bright!

In the following photos, we want you to see pictures of true hope— children who previously had little hope of ever attending school, now equipped and ready to start the school year in Myanmar and the Philippines!

Thanks to the incredible support we've received toward this campaign, these images are direct evidence of your generosity at work in the lives of children who need our help the most.

From one of our four orphan homes in Myanmar, where civil war and unrest continue to complicate our children's lives, just look at the hope you're providing!

And look at these scenes from our Cebu outreach in the Philippines— orphans from our girls home and some of the students from our She Has Hope trafficking prevention program.

Many have only ever owned flip-flops, but now they have their first pair of shoes!

They would not be able to attend school without your support of our work on the island...

As you may recall from our previous story, our India team is relaunching their boarding school next week after two years of waiting for permits!

Students are starting to arrive on campus and we're so excited to support them...

We will also be sending our 13 India orphan girls to college, providing their tuition, room and board for a full school year! In each of these cases, these girls are the first from their family and native villages to ever have the chance to attend college. They will be studying to become Nurses, Teachers, Engineers, and Accountants.

Last, but definitely not least, of our Doses of Hope is the news that our Uganda boarding high school students achieved excellence this month by winning their state debate championship! The debate team practiced long hours and put in a lot of effort and we are thrilled to recognize their hard work and determination.

All of us at She Has Hope are overwhelmed with gratitude by your generosity that allows us to provide these children with educational opportunities that will change the course of their lives.

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