Myanmar orphan home building project resumes after several setbacks from catastrophic events within the nation; new children’s home started by one of our graduates

September 29, 2021

Myanmar orphan home building project resumes after several setbacks from catastrophic events within the nation; new children’s home started by one of our graduates

After experiencing several setbacks, we are happy to report that our Myanmar team has finally been able to make headway on the building project you helped fund late last year.

Right about the time we were hoping to get started on the project, the country experienced a devastating military coup in February. The nation has been through innumerable tragedies as the fallout from the coup submerged the people of Myanmar into the despair of civil war. It has also hit us too close to home. It is with heavy hearts we bring you the terrible news that our Myanmar Director lost his brother from a gunshot wound in an incident related to the conflict.

Most banks and ATMs were closed during the depths of the crisis, and it was only in July that our team was able to resume some limited withdrawals. During that time, thanks to your support of our farmland and gardening projects in years past, our team and the children of our three homes were able to make ends meet during the lack of cash flow.

Fresh vegetables and a stockpile of rice from the farmland harvest were able to sustain the dietary needs of our children and staff during the bank shutdowns. Years of planning and development of the projects bore the yield needed for our survival in time of crisis. We could not be more grateful, and elated that our loved ones in Myanmar were well fed and taken care of despite the chaos all around them.

Tragically, due to the turmoil, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies were also shut down during the height of the Delta variant hitting the country hard over the summer. Our staff and some of the children under our care suffered from being infected by the virus without vaccines.

Our Director’s wife was severely ill with no access to medical care. However, thanks to your generous outpouring of support, we were able to locate and procure the medical equipment and medicines needed for her in-home care and she finally recovered, as did all the others by the grace of God.

As you can see from the photos, the construction of the new home on our main campus is coming along well.

The new home will feature spacious sleeping arrangements, indoor plumbing with nine toilets and sinks, showers, a modern kitchen to help our staff more adequately prepare the 156 daily meals required at the home, along with an office to serve our staff!

In addition, the plans make space for an education center complete with a library, a study hall, and classroom space.

In other news from Myanmar, we have brought in another children’s home to our network of homes supported by our farmland. Our Myanmar staff conducted a very thorough review of the home and feel confident that its leadership is full of integrity; the director is one of our graduates!

Please consider sponsoring an orphan from Myanmar to help us gain the recurring support needed to care for these children. They have needs beyond what the farmland alone can support.

She Has Hope programs in Myanmar serve orphan girls who were rescued from extreme risk of trafficking and child labor situations. They are provided a loving home, nutrition, medical care, and education. They also have the opportunity to attend our trade school after they graduate from high school. We have developed a trafficking prevention curriculum which was translated in the Burmese language and is used by our staff to train at-risk girls in trafficking avoidance skills.

We look forward to keeping you posted on the construction progress. We are so grateful for your support of the fundraising campaign that has allowed us to proceed with this dream goal.

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