One Nepali girl's brave story of hope; from extreme poverty, orphanhood to rescue by 'She Has Hope' programs, now in second year of nursing school

January 31, 2022

One Nepali girl's brave story of hope; from extreme poverty, orphanhood to rescue by 'She Has Hope' programs, now in second year of nursing school

Today we could show you some charts or share some statistics to remind you of the impact you make when giving to She Has Hope. But instead, we've decided to share one tangible story of a changed life.

It's a bit long, but we pray this story might reach you when you have a moment to take it in because we really feel like this will bless you deeply.

It's a story we are happy to share with you because it's an example of something great we are able to achieve, together, taking small steps over time.

It's a story of redemption, the story of a hopeless life literally changed forever, perhaps saved from slavery, given a life of hope, fruitfulness, and promise in turn to be her own blessing to others.

This is the story of Alina, a young girl rescued from extreme poverty in the Himalayas, brought to our orphan home, and provided a beautiful life full of love and opportunity.

Alina was one of the first children to step into our home shortly after we opened our doors in Nepal 13 years ago.

Alina lost her father at a young age and her mother struggled to care for her and her younger brother.

I asked our Nepal Director to see if she could share her story with you in her own words (she is fluent in English) and she was happy to do so:

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Before becoming one of the members of this beautiful family at the age of 8, I had a different life story. Though I was a kid, my life was full of troubles and difficulties.

Our economic condition was extremely poor. Mother had to raise two children. I didn't get any proper food, clothes, or education during my childhood before coming here.

Mother used to earn money by selling firewood and kindling she gathered, and that money was insufficient to run a house. We had no bed. So we were forced to sleep on the floor.

I don't have any memory of getting new clothes from my mother. I used to happily wear the clothes of others that they gave me.

Though I used to go to the government school, my grades were totally poor because we had no money to buy books or even copies. I just used to go and come back from school with empty hands. There was no value in going.

I used to get sick but we didn't have any money for treatment. So in severe sickness, my mother used to ask for loans from others for my treatment. She had to beg for help from others.

Sometimes we had to sleep with a hungry stomach when there was no money for food. My childhood life was too hard and poor. We had nothing better.

But because people like you were there when we needed the funds to open the home, Alina had a place to find rehabilitation and hope, and her mother happily enrolled her under our care.

[Our first photo of Alina at the orphan home (far right), taken Feb. 2009].

It is a fact that of the thousands of girls who get trafficked in Nepal, most are from homes with only one or no biological parents, and live far below the poverty line.

Without a father to protect her, Alina was at extreme risk of being trafficked.

But because of our heart for orphans and at-risk girls, along with your response to our appeals for help to start a home in Nepal, Alina found safety and nurture when she needed it most.

Alina goes on to describe her experience at the home:

But the grace of God was upon me and he saved me. He brought me here in this beautiful family. First and foremost, I received the immense blessing of a complete family who loves me very much.

When I first came here, I was unable to read and write. I didn't understand any of the teaching in school. My grades were poor.

But slowly I learned to pray and ask God for help. Later on, slowly my grades were improving and I started to understand, and my interest towards studying increased more.

I used to have headaches all the time. But after praying for it, I have been healed of this problem.

God has done many amazing and beautiful things in my life. He has filled me with everything that I didn't have in my early childhood. And I am getting so much care and love from my adoptive parents.

Honestly, all of my desires have been fulfilled. I have lovely parents who love me unconditionally and helped me to grow in the grace and knowledge of God. I was blessed with brothers and sisters too!

[Alina, the big sis of the crew, seen here in 2011 with a book in her hand, the perennial student].

I got to go to a nice school. And after school completion, because of God's grace, I got a golden opportunity to study nursing for my further study.

I want to be a nurse so that I can be a part of God's healing touch in people's lives, just like he has saved and healed me.

My nursing course is for three years. I have completed 2 years and only one year is left to finish my nursing degree.

I have to study and work hard because God has had so much grace upon me. God has filled me within, beyond my imagination. Where I was and where I am today, it's all because of God's love upon me.

[Alina in her second year of nursing college].

Now after I finish nursing, I have dreamed of studying for a Bachelor of Nursing in Science which is a 3-4 years course. But before that, I have to work for one year in the medical sector to have experience.

So I am planning for that— where to work and where to continue my further study. At last, whatever I am today it's all because of God's love. I believe in him.

Thank you for reading my story, and thank you for your generosity and prayers for us here in Nepal.

Sincerely, Alina

[Alina seen far-left at our Nepal home's Christmas party, December 2021].

Thank you for being a part of Alina's life, for supporting her, her home and those who care for her.

It's because of you and others like you that she has hope and that she wants to share that hope with others.

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