Roundup of miraculous “Doses of Hope” from around the world reveals major milestones accomplished in our programs

February 28, 2023

Roundup of miraculous “Doses of Hope” from around the world reveals major milestones accomplished in our programs

Never before in the history of our work have we had this feeling of everything really starting to click.

From the beginning, we have always tried to communicate to our field directors that we are running a marathon, not a sprint— that what we are trying to achieve should be measured in decades, not years or months.

We have some great “Doses of Hope” to report to you!

These are doses of hope that we feel truly reflect your generosity at work in some miraculous ways, some of which have taken several years to reach, but ones that we knew in time, with perseverance, would be achievable.

Our first dose takes us to Uganda, where our new school building is already nearing completion!

Uganda primary school

In another major dose of hope, our most recent class of girls at our rehabilitation home and trade school in Kathmandu have graduated!

They had to memorize 17 different local Nepali clothing patterns and make them on their own to pass their final exams. We are happy to report all of the girls passed with excellent scores.

This skill set equips them for a tailoring career which allows them to be financially independent and not fall prey to the lure of traffickers’ false promises.

Nepal graduates

Our next dose reveals true hope and miracles in these two girls, having just graduated from their coursework at our rehabilitation home and trade school, excited to begin their apprenticeship at our tailoring shop in Kathmandu!

Nepal tailoring shop

We have finally received permits to continue work on our technical college in India! It has been almost four years we’ve been patiently waiting for permits to be approved.

The college will provide funding and scholarships for orphans in need. This is a decades-long dream of our India team and will complete our vision of a Kindergarten through college education plan.

India college

Remember our campaign to build a security wall and gate for our main Myanmar campus we announced last October?

Well, the work is finally wrapping up on phase one of the plan, and we now have a more secure campus thanks to your generosity!

Myanmar gate

In Manila, Philippines, our Children’s Hope Center continues to serve meals and provide after-school care and educational support to over 100 children living in the Payatas landfill colony.

Here’s a wonderful photo of our students enjoying a meal together.

Manila meal

You can help us ensure continued care for the orphans and trafficking survivors in our programs using the donate link below.

We are so thankful for your support and are inspired by your faith that you can make a difference with us, one child at a time.

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