Top ten field-submitted photos of 2022 highlight what your generosity has achieved for women and children under our care

January 03, 2023

Top ten field-submitted photos of 2022 highlight what your generosity has achieved for women and children under our care

We’re closing out the year by sharing some of what we feel are our best field-submitted photos that summarize the spirit of what we have achieved together with your support in 2022.

Our teams are doing a great job sending us frequent photo updates of their work. These are some of the best we enjoyed this year, which also represent some great moments we wanted to highlight.

Let’s take a look!


10. We start our countdown to our best photo of 2022 with this wonderful image depicting your generosity at work in making a newly rescued orphan smile during her first week at our main Myanmar orphan home.


9. The girls from our Cebu, Philippines Girls Home and Hope Center were happy to finally get back into their first regular school year post-pandemic!


8. Taking the number eight spot is is a photo from one of our India Hope Centers. These are after-school care centers that help our orphans and other high-risk students with school supplies, homework support, and fresh-cooked meals. We love the innocent joy of learning captured in these students’ faces.

Cebu farmland

7. Working our way back east from India to the Philippines, we’re happy that despite being hit by a typhoon at the very end of 2021, our Cebu farmland enterprises have recovered and are still going strong! We are proud of their hard work. The kids love to show off scenes from the farm, so we made this a 4-in-1 photo!

Uganda sewing

6. We love how this photo represents two of our rural Uganda programs coming together to help each other! The women in our Uganda women’s entrepreneurial program/trade school teach our high school students the skills they are learning in trade school. They also sew and tailor uniforms for the students.


5. We were recently told that some of you would like to see more photos of our Founder and Executive Director, Kirby Trapolino, at our program sites. Well, here you go! Kirby was overjoyed at his long overdue return to visit our Manila, Philippines Children’s Hope Center which continued to be a bright spot for the children of the community as they have struggled to overcome the economic impact of the pandemic.

Nepal rehabilitation

4. In one of the brightest highlights of our year, our Nepal rehabilitation home and trade school finally reopened after a government-enforced closure due to the pandemic. We relaunched in a beautiful new rental facility and have been blessed to serve 15 new trafficking rescues there this year.

Uganda girls home

3. Another shining highlight we are so happy about from this year is the opening of our newest girls home in rural Uganda, next to our primary school! The girls feel blessed with the first mattresses they’ve ever slept on, along with good mosquito netting keeping them safe at night.

Nepal girls home

2. We chose this as our number two photo of the year because it allows you to see part of your 2021 year-end giving in action: students at our Nepal children’s home were empowered with laptops as a part of a new multimedia library you helped equip them with.

Uganda wells

1. In our number one field-submitted photo of 2022, we again could not sum up the best of this topic in one photo so we offer you three-in-one: our three Uganda wells (including a new well installed this year) bless the children we serve, in addition to their families and communities, with clean water year-round thanks to your generous support!

Thank you for making 2022 such a blessed year for all those our programs reach.

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